This year I would like to thank everyone Who Came through for us during the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF). This being the 2nd year, we were so excited to see most things succeed. During the inaugural LIPFF, We had no funds at all. A friend Dr. George Okong’o of IDEA came and paid for the screening hall, (then Planet Media Cinemas,) and helped pay for tea during workshop. Our colleagues Dr. J. Mugubi and Prof. Oluoch Obura bought us trophies. Sovereign Hotel gave us venue for the workshops and 50%discount on accommodation (remember this is a 5star hotel). We struggled to pay for this accommodation. I used my savings to make this dream a reality… I wanted to see more. Everyone who wanted to volunteer started a conversation with ‘how much are you paying?’ And that’s how we ended up doing everything without many volunteers. Because we could not even afford our own transport and accommodation. At last my friend Suki wanza and I decided to adopt the spirit of, lets assume we are on a road trip to Kisumu, we will have fund and see how it goes. We had fun and yet the gala didn’t even have cocktail. We were so drained financially and emotionally. I cried myself and wondered if this dream was valid. I wanted to give up. This was September 2016. Through to January I gave up totally. But then during my Birthday in February, I thought, what’s my purpose? I am not a loser, I tried appreciating the small milestones we had and the one most outstanding thing I had was passion, a great supportive friend and the fact that I had made a first step. I called Suki and told her. We are doing LIPFF 2017. Yes, we are. Do we have money, I replied. I have some savings for a start.

LIPFF 2017 was a success. No matter how small or not as glamourous as other Festivals, it was very successful. It was very veeery well organized. We had the films watched by the jury two months before the Festival and names released to the nominees on time. We sent an itinerary to all the participants. We taljed to everyone we meet about the Festival and despite the political turmoils, we didn’t move the dates. We said if art ia for social changw, then LIPFF will serve as the pillar of peace. We prayed the week goes well, despite the political tensions in Kisumu and it did. (God answers my prayers positively a lot of times). The French Embassy, KFCB, KFC, Anga Mega theatre and Sovereign Hotel came through for us big time. Zydii Communications, Fullcom, Wakawaka Productions and Kisumu Filmmakers Association, gave us their support. We were ready, at least half our bills were sorted. We reworked our budgets on countless nights. It had to work, we had to align our priorities and our expenses. We had less than half a million to organize the grandest Film Festival and we had to do it.

We couldn’t pay people, we gave the jury allowance for internet bundles coz watching over 290 films online is no joke, and they did this over three weeks. (SAFARICOM please PLEASE come through for us in 2018, We neeed your help!)

Then we had one man and a lady who came through for us at the last minute. You see, we had advertised out of faith, that LIPFF would have a workshop conducted by a reputable film maker. We couldn’t afford one! True, we couldn’t. Think of accommodation for 4 nights, transport, perdiem, thats like at least 50k, no payment yet. We surely cdn’t afford it even if we wanted.

Then I called Betty Kathungu Furret and Simiyu Barasa, 3 nights before the Festival. On Sunday night to be precise. I was desperate and scared. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know Simiyu in person, the last time I met Bettty was 10years ago. She could barely remember me. I took a leap of faith. (Am a woman of Faith, I believe in miracles). So I called Simiyu Barasa, a reputable award winning Director both locally and internationally. I introduced myself, and asked if he would be joining us for LIPFF, he said he would.

I humbly explained my situation in detail, I lay open to him the support we have and our expenses and gow its hard to pay anything. He said Yes. He was going to conduct the workshop, first because he was excited about mentoring the youth and it would be great to share his ideas, knowledge and experiences. Simiyu prepared a syllabus for this and when he shared it with us at LIPFF, It was more than we bargained for. I called Betty Kathungu and she was happy to come through for us too, Betty moderated our panel discussions with so much zeal and wisdom. She did her research and every question was on the mark. The panelists didn’t fight and we had KFC and KFCB on the panel….

These two great people offered themselves to the LIPFF Festival for free. We promised to buy fish for dinner, but we drank ourselves on the gala night. I must say Simiyu Barasa are beautiful souls. They love and live film. They are the true face of this industry, not because they supported us but they work day in day out to create new ventures, telling the African stories. Their next film, with Owino Sangiewa is worth looking out for. Let’s support their work. Let’s be part of their initiative of telling the African stories through African Voices. Creating local films forr International Markets. Let’s do this.

LIPFF 2017, surprised us, it was attended by the who and who in Kisumu. The Senator Hon-Fred Outa, Fred Ogendo, MP aspirant, Hon Sam Okello-The former mayor of Kisumu and their friends graced the event. Oluoch Madiang’, Joshua Nyamori, Atieno Otieno, Marcella Lang’o, Moses Oduwa, Raphael Mahulo, George Chunga and the whole of Kisumu entertainment Industry came. CBK band was there. Joseh Lang’a and Dawe Dawe performed so wonderfully. And Ugandans, and Ghanians came all the way to grace the Festival. We are happy. Thanks to all those who came.

What else could go wrong? One thing. Power shortages…. It rained and when it rains in Kisumu, power goes for an hour or so. That means the generator wasnt sufficient an we had to use what we had. For most part, the event was lit with one light from What’s Good Studios. Thank God they came… The sound was heheheheee…. We need a sponsor. (HOMEBOYS please PLEASE come through for us in 2018).

Above all, we had a cocktail!!! The cocktail was lit. We got a young man from Utalii College who gas studied alcohol mixing, (mixologist or how do we call them)’ He did a great job. If you have a party, Ian is the guy to call. He had three different mixes for whisky, vodka and the screw driver. The Anga Mega Theatre did a great job, the venue was well organized and their kitchen prepared great bitings. Mr. Edward Mwangi is a great Manager. We were happy. Despite all the odds against us, it was well. LIPFF 2016 was 2days, LIPFF 2017 was 3 days, LIPFF 2018, we wait to see. The celebration of films in African Languages is immense. We are growing.

LIPFF 2018, will be on November 7th – 10th. It will be fun. Plan your road trip to Kisumu. The Cultural excursions are marvelous.

Follow us on Facebook LIPFF. Check out our albums and videos. Like us and Love us.

SEE YOU IN 2018.


Breaking with the Customs (Uganda)

Virgin Vegan (South African)


Macoconi (The Roots of our Children) (Mozambique)

Crush (Nigeria)

Simiyu Barasa – Kizingo (Kenya)

Zilizala (Kenya)

Gitonga Mwangi – Trail of Misery (Kenya)

H2O (Cameroon)

Breaking with Customs (Uganda)

Breaking with Customs (Uganda)

Gilbert Lukalia as Fred in Kidnapped (Kenya)

Azmina Wanjiru Peninah as Fatima Sultan in Trail of Misery (Kenya)

Seredo (Kenya)

Being Someone        (Mozambique)

Grouf Poto (Nigeria)

Sir Otumba Ouko


Interested in joining the Scripting and Directing Masterclass workshop? Register now to join us at the Sovereign Hotel, Kisumu on 9th & 10th November 2017 during the LIPFFestival.
The workshop will be conducted by Notable experienced Film Makers.

To participate in the workshop, one should register by sending their details on WHATSAPP to mobile number +254-736035417 by 3rd November 2017.

Training is free but one MUST Register to participate.

Details Needed:

  1. Name,
  2. Age,
  3. Why you would like to participate in the workshop.

One may include the title of film they have worked on or links to their previous works.



Below is the list of the LIPFF 2017 NOMINEES.

The nominated films are FINALISTS in the 2nd Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF). This means that they could be possible winners of an award in the specified category.

The LIPFF Festival will be taking place in Kisumu and environs from the 9th – 11th of November 2017. All Nominees will receive a Certificate and the Winner will receive a trophy Award in a glamorous Gala Ceremony attended by many filmmakers, stakeholders and private sector influencers in Kenya and beyond.

Activities will include film screenings, a workshop and panel discussions during the Festival. (Programme will be availed by Friday 20th October 2017).

Congratulations to all the Nominees. We are looking forward to meeting you.

LIPFF 2017 LIST OF NOMINEES (in no particular order)

  1. Best Feature Film

Trail of Misery                   (Kenya)

Hakkunde                           (Nigeria)

Breaking with the Customs          (Uganda)

Kizingo                                  (Kenya)

Gringo                                  (Zimbabwe)


  1. Best Short Film

Pendo                   (Kenya)

Virgin Vegan      (South African)

In my father’s village      (Zimbabwe)

H2O                       (Cameroon)

Zilizala                   (Kenya)

  1. Best Kenyan Film

Trail of Misery





  1. Best Documentary

Being Someone                                (Mozambique)

The battle of Arnold Farm            (Zimbabwe)

Macoconi  (The Roots of our Children)   (Mozambique)

Another Sunny Day                         (Namibia)

Cash my Cart                                      (Uganda)

  1. Best Animation Film

Group Foto         (Nigeria)

Crush                    (Nigeria)

Tejumade           (Nigeria)

Dawn of Thunder             (Nigeria)

Both Saved                         (Nigeria)


  1. Best Director

Simiyu Barasa – Kizingo  (Kenya)

Daudi Anguka – Zilizala     (Kenya)

T.West Ttabu Wasswa S. – Breaking with the Customs (Uganda)

Reabetswe Moeti – The Virgin Vegan  (South Africa)


  1. Best Cinematography

Zilizala                   (Kenya)

Macoconi            (Mozambique)

The Virgin Vegan              (South Africa)


  1. Best Scriptwriter (Kenyan Award)

Simiyu Barasa – Kizingo  (Kenya)

Gitonga Mwangi – Trail of Misery              (Kenya)

Mwongeli Mutiso – Pendo          (Kenya)


  1. Best Score and Sound Design

H2O                                                       (Cameroon)

In my Father’s Village                     (Zimbabwe)

Adama from Tengrela                    (Burkina Fasso)


  1. Best Editing

Pendo                   (Kenya)

Macoconi            (Kenya)

Breaking with Customs  (Uganda)



  1. Best Production Design

Zilizala                                       (Kenyan)

Breaking with Customs  (Uganda)

In my Father’s Village        (Zimbabwe)



  1. Best Actor (Kenyan Award)

Julian Mwanzele Tindo as Mwakazi in Kizingo (Kenya)

George Kituto as Samba in Zilizala (Kenya)

Gilbert Lukalia as Fred in Kidnapped        (Kenya)

Lazarus Boora as Gringo in Gringo Troublemaker (Zimbabwe)

T.West Ttabu Wasswa Stephen as Mpaka in Breaking with Customs (Uganda)


  1. Best Actress (Kenyan Award)

Pretty Mutave as Mama Jonnie in Kizingo (Kenya)

Azmina Wanjiru Peninah as Fatima Sultan in Trail of Misery          (Kenya)

Queen Motlatle as Aunty in The Virgin Vegan (South Africa)

Jacky Kaboi as Nimo in Hatika Ini (Kenya)

Nalukwago Mariam as Nattu in Breaking with the Customs (Uganda)


  1. Best Film in Dholuo Language

Seredo                 (Kenya)

Abednego           (Kenya)


  1. Best Film on Theme of Social Change

Ruvimbo’s Wedding (Zimbabwe)

Through her Eyes    (Nigeria)

Being Someone        (Mozambique)


  1. Jury’s Award

Grouf Poto         (Nigeria)


  1. Heroes Award

Call for entries 2017 LIPFF Poster


Call for Entries deadline 10th September 2017. To upload your film go to


a.) Films in any African languages with English subtitles.
b.) Films made in Africa by Africans.
c.) Films in francophone, Amharic, Arabic and Kiswahili from African Countries.


Any films that do not meet the following requirements will be automatically disqualified. The entry requirements have been revised to increase eligibility. kindly adhere.
1. All films should fit the eligibility criteria as stated in the introduction SECTION.
2. Short and feature films both accepted. (Shorts should be between 3-40minutes. Features should be more than 41 minutes.
3. Documentaries and Animation accepted. (TV Series not accepted.)
4. All films MUST therefore have English translation subtitles.
5. Every producer/director/group/company is only allowed a maximum of two film entries.
6. All films to be submitted in HD Quality in both Mp4 and movie file. Hard copies should be in a flash disk on quality not less than (720pp x 1080pp). All films should be submitted with a trailer of 15 seconds together with the film. For online submissions, kindly check rules 10, 11 and 12 below.
7. All films must be submitted before the deadlines of 10th September 2017
8. All entries should be original works of the persons submitting. And must be classified appropriately by the classifying body from the country of origin. The LIPFF Festival Committee and Organizers will not be accountable for any copyright infringements.
9. The producers should ensure they have copyright agreement for any songs/music/sounds used in the film with the owners/producers/creators/authorities of the songs/music/sounds.
10. All entries to be submitted with a duly signed submission form which you can download from this website. Click the link LIPFF FILM SUBMISSION FORM to download.
11. For submissions made through FilmFreeway, you may download the form from the website, fill it and upload it on FilmFreeway as a screenplay for your films.
12. If you cannot download the form or have any questions kindly send us an email to:

All films should grant permission to be downloadable. Semi finalists will not be contacted for download permission for purposes of public screenings. Kisumu doesn’t have very liable data connection to allow for live streaming.
Kindly visit the website for more details.